Postage Board Mini - USB-C Controller Board for Handwiring

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Postage Board Mini by LifeIsOnTheWire for doing a handwired build.

Status (July 8, 2020): No plans for restock at the moment, but we are currently working on a similar product.

What is the Postage Board?

The Postage Board is a controller board meant to aid people in making a hand wired keyboard. Controller boards are essentially the brain of the keyboard. It is similar to the common Teensy 2.0, and also the Pro Micro.

However, neither the Teensy, nor the Pro Micro are designed for keyboards specifically. They are just general Arduino-like boards meant for a variety of DIY projects. The Postage Board is designed for mechanical keyboards specifically, and thus the process of assembling your keyboard is easier, and the final product is more refined.

Goes great with the Amoeba Single-switch PCBs!

TRRS Add-on Board

Using the Postage Board Mini for a split keyboard? The TRRS add-on board will be handy to have as well.

  • Uses an ATmega32u4 microcontroller.
  • Compatible with both Cherry MX and ALPS switches.
  • 25 IO pins available for your rows and columns, or other IO functions such as LEDs and RGB strips
  • Can cover a TKL keyboard. Could also cover a 104-key board if you get creative with your rows/columns.
  • Board is 5V, and the ATmega runs at 16mhz
  • USB Type-C connector

Additional info about the board here: