Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs

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Doing a handwired build? Well make it a bit cleaner by using these Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs! Handy for keyboards such as the Dactyl and Dactyl-Manuform.

New! 1u 30-pack with pre-soldered diodes and resistors is now available!

Comes in two different sizes

  • 1u - A sheet of 30 1u PCBs (option available for pre-soldered diodes and resistors)
  • 2u - Single PCB, allows you to use a stabilizer for 2u/2.25/2.75u keys


  • Ability to add single color LEDs to your build, as it has a spot for an LED and a resistor (0805 SMD package or through-hole)
  • Choice of using through-hole diodes or SMD ones (0805 or SOD-123)
  • Cleaner wiring

Compatible with MX and Alps style switches. Not compatible with Choc switches.

Note that this PCB is not designed by us and the design is freely available

Deskthority thread about the Amoeba

GitHub files

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Very useful and good for organizing