Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs


Doing a handwired build? Well make it a bit cleaner by using these Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs! Handy for keyboards such as the Dactyl and Dactyl-Manuform.

Comes in two different sizes

  • 1u - A sheet of 30 1u PCBs
  • 2u - Single PCB, allows you to use a stabilizer for 2u/2.25/2.75u keys


  • Ability to add LEDs to your build, as it has a spot for an LED and a resistor (0805 SMD package or through-hole)
  • Choice of using through-hole diodes or SMD ones (0805 or SOD-123)
  • Cleaner wiring

Source of PCB design

Please note that the Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs are MX and Alps switches compatible! They are not compatible with Choc switches.