Afternoon Labs Breeze Keyboard Kit


We want you to treat yourself. You need an afternoon sipping a cool drink with a gentle breeze on your face!

Keebio has made additions to the Breeze to make it an even more lovely piece for your hands and peace of mind. It now features mid-mount USB-C ports (to replace TRRS), hotswap sockets, and diodes already soldered on. The only soldering that needs to be done is soldering in the microcontrollers!

The world is your oyster at the beach with the Breeze.

Notes about the initial release: This first batch of Breeze kits is relatively small due to it being an initial run to test the waters with selling it. If the batch sells out quickly it will be restocked within a month.


  • Pre-soldered components
    • USB-C ports to connect both halves
    • Diodes
    • Hotswap sockets (MX-only for now, Choc in the future)
    • Reset buttons
  • Compatible with Pro Micro-style microcontrollers (Pro Micro, Elite-C, Elite-Pi, nice!nano, etc.)

Kit Contents

  • Rev. 1.3 Breeze PCBs
  • 3D resin-printed tray cases with heat-set inserts pre-installed
  • FR4 switch plates
  • M3 Screws
  • SKUF Feet

Items Needed for Build

Build Guide

A build guide and firmware for the keyboard can be found here: Breeze Kit Build Guide

Customer Reviews

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Good Stuff

The PCB and components look good and feels sturdy. I would prefer a white PCB for the white case :)

Some of the screws are in a awkward location where you need to remove the screw to take out the switch. M2 screws might be better for these tight spaces, for the next revision.

The case is very nicely printed and feels nice and sturdy. Unfortunately a corner chipped off during shipping, but the team and the shipping insurance took care of it swiftly. I was very happy with how the issue was resolved.

Some standoffs for the PCB and the plate would be nice.