International Shipping Options

International Shipping Options

We've recently rolled out a new, cheaper shipping option for international customers via FlavorCloud. Here's an explanation of the different options for it:

FlavorCloud Options:

There are two options available for FlavorCloud:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Express Shipping

For the Express Shipping option, your package will be sent using DHL Express or FedEx.

For the Standard Shipping option, your package will sometimes get sent via DHL or FedEx, but most of the time, it will go through APC Postal Logistics.

Here's the process for APC:

  1. We fill your order and puts an APC label on the package
  2. We collect your package and some others together and ship them to APC Postal Logistics using FedEx Ground
  3. It takes about a week for FedEx Ground to deliver the package to the APC warehouse
  4. APC relabels the package with a label for your country's local postal service
  5. APC collects other packages for your country to ship together and ship them together to your local postal service