WTF60 - Mirrored 60% Keyboard PCB


Sometimes you need a challenge for your brain. We're here to deliver on that need by bringing you the WTF60, a mirrored 60% keyboard PCB.

It's not quite as hard as you think it will be to type on this, as you'll still be using the same fingers as before, just on the other hand. Sure, your WPM will take a dive, but totally worth it for the memes.


  • Fits into a standard 60% case, but you will need to modify the case by cutting off the center standoff, using something like a Dremel tool or something else
  • Also supports a Piezo Speaker, so you can bang out some sweet tunes!
  • Layout options: KLE for WTF60
  • Switches compatible: MX and Alps
  • RGB underglow
  • Note: Due to an error on the PCB, a jumper wire was added to the PCB, which uses up one of the switch pads for the 7u spacebar. If you are doing the 7u spacebar layout, you can move the jumper wire over to the 6.25u key or resolder the jumper wire connection after adding the switch.
  • PCB is pre-flashed with VIA-support
  • WTF60 Build Guide

Default Layout Images

 The keymap layouts can be changed in QMK Configurator.