Iris CE - Low-Profile Split Ergonomic Keyboard

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The Iris CE (Compact Edition) is a low-profile variant of the popular Iris keyboard! Reprogrammable to any keymap layout you'd like with QMK/VIA! We've worked up case parts for the Iris CE PCB that offer a more premium feel than other ergo split keyboard offerings.

Ready to use right out of the box.

Want to build this yourself instead? Check out the kit version: Iris CE Keyboard Kit

  • Pre-flashed with QMK Firmware and VIA configurator support
  • With VIA configurator, you can reprogram the board without needing to know how to setup QMK and/or QMK Toolbox
  • Demo video of VIA
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems
  • Layout: Each half of the board is a 4x6 matrix with the same vertical stagger as the Ergodox and with 4 thumb keys
  • RP2040 Microcontrollers with 16Mbit flash memory
  • 6 RGB underglow LEDs per half (12 total)
  • Per-key RGB LEDs
  • Switch support: Kailh Choc Low-Profile V1 switch support only
  • Kailh Choc hotswap sockets - change out your switches easily!
  • Key spacing: 17mm vertical, 18mm horizontal (MCC/MBK spacing)
  • USB-C ports for both connection to computer and in between halves
  • Weight (Keyboard w/o carrying case): Aluminum case - 13oz, Polycarbonate case - 10oz
  • Ready to use Iris CE Keyboard (with your choice of switches and keycaps installed)
  • Keyboard link cable (USB-C to USB-C)
  • Carrying case

Although the Iris CE keyboard here is fully built for you already, if you need to take things apart, you can refer to the Iris CE Build Guide.

Case Options

Black Polycarbonate

Begin your board journey with a polycarbonate case - the essential choice for a lighter, more budget-friendly option! Embrace durability and style from the start without compromising on quality.

Black Aluminum

Enhance your board's appearance with an aluminum case for a sleek, premium feel! Add a touch of elegance and durability to your setup.

Atomic Purple Polycarbonate

Or channel your inner gamer with the atomic purple version of the polycarbonate case. Enjoy the lightweight, sturdy build that's perfect for your modern setup with a retro twist.

Frosted White Polycarbonate

Go for a clean, fresh look with the frosted white polycarbonate case. Let those underglow LEDs light up the bottom tray.

Ergonomic Layout

The keys of the Iris CE are staggered vertically, allowing it to match the curvature of the tips of your fingers better. The spacing is slightly more compact as well, which shortens the distance your fingers have to move around.

Getting used to your new Iris CE keyboard may take a bit of time, about 2-4 weeks on average. Don't worry though, we've included a handy reference card with the pre-programmed layout to help guide you.

We've also crafted a blog post containing various tips and tricks for you to use.

Also, if you want to see how well the keyboard will fit in your hands, we've made a printable PDF for you to try it out: Letter / A4

Hotswappable Low-Profile Choc Switches

Go with the Brown switches for a nice tactile feel, or Red ones for a linear feedback. Or choose Whites if you like that clicky sound to go along with tactility.

Easily swap in other Kailh Choc V1 switches later on to fine-tune your keyboard.

Plenty of Keycaps to choose from

MCC Spectrum

Like silk under your fingertips, yet solid like the earth beneath your feet. Create the zen minimalist and clean aesthetic look on your desk with this keyset. Let the cylindrical-shaped keycaps made of POM form around your fingertips.

MCC Spectrum
MBK Glow R2

Let your low-profile keyboard shine with these MBK Glow keycaps! Made with ABS material and laser-etched legends, these keycaps will let RGB backlight through, making it a perfect match for the Iris CE.

MBK Glow R2
MBK Colored Blanks

Black and White not your style? Then give your keyboard some more pop with the variety of colors available for MBK PBT Blanks! Plenty of colors for you to pick from to customize your board to how you'd like to express yourself.

MBK Colors
MBK PBT Blanks

Elevate your typing experience with blank keycaps for a more minimalist setup, while still looking stylish. Go with either Black or White to match the aesthetic that you are searching for.

MBK Blank Keyset


Remap your keys with ease

Change any key on your keyboard to anything you'd like, including macros, shortcuts, and key combos, using the VIA Configurator app. Your custom keymap settings are saved on the keyboard itself, so it'll be the same when you plug it into a different computer.

Need even more fine-tuning? Dig deeper by directly using QMK Firmware to unlock many more features.

VIA Configurator
Compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Take your keyboard everywhere, as it's compatible with all operating systems, ensuring seamless integration with your setups. No drivers need to be installed, just plug it in and start typing away!

Per-Key RGB Lighting

Every key has its own RGB LED shining through the keycap from underneath to give things a nice glow. There's plenty of RGB lighting effects to choose from in VIA, so play around to see what suits you best. Underglow RGB lighting is also installed to let some light shine through if you've got one of the polycarbonate cases.

Don't need the lighting? No worries, it's simple enough to turn off the lighting.

RGB LED Effects

Take your keyboard everywhere

The Iris CE comes with its own carrying case, so you can protect your keyboard while on the go, with this hard-shell carrying case that holds each half in a mesh pocket. It also has elastic bands to hold cables.

Lightweight - The Iris CE configured with the Polycarbonate case weighs in just at 10oz/285g. For a bit more weight, the Iris CE configured with the Aluminum case weighs in at 13.5oz/380g.

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