Fourier - 40% Split Staggered Keyboard (Closeout)

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Not into the ortho life, but still want a compact split keyboard? No worries, we got you covered with the Fourier, a 13u wide, 4 row keyboard.

    • PCBs for left and right halves
    • 47 1N4148 diodes
    • 2 reset switches
    • 2 TRRS jacks
    • 2 4.7kΩ resistors

    This keyboard uses the popular open-source QMK Firmware with VIA enabled out of the box to allow you to remap all the keys just the way you want them.

    Plug your keyboard in, open up the VIA app, and easily change what each key does to get the most out of your keyboard with your customizations! More info on what you can do here: VIA Usage Guide

    The Fourier has now been discontinued, but the PCB design files are now available on GitHub.

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