FoldKB - Case/Plates

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Case parts for the FoldKB. The cases consists of two sets of parts, top/bottom plates and middle layers. The middle layers are optional and can be added in between the top and bottom plates at any time.

FR4 Plate Kit:

  • Switch Plates
  • Bottom Plates
  • 9mm M2 standoffs
  • 6mm M2 black screws
  • FR4 material, 1.6mm thick
  • Bottom plates have two designs!
    • Flip the bottom plates to select which design you'd like to display

Acrylic Middle Layer:

  • Pieces for left and right half
  • 10mm thick
  • B-Stock pieces will have nicks, dings, and/or scratches on them

Case Files:

Case files for 3D printing are available here: FoldKB Case Files

These files will allow you to print case parts that will cover up the sides of the FR4 plates. The FR4 Plate Kit is still required for the 3D-printed parts.

The "acrylic" folder in there has top shell parts that match up with the Acrylic Middle Layer.

The "enclosed" folder has top shell and bottom shell parts that just need the FR4 plates.

You can also purchase a 3D-printed case from Tree Dog Studio.

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My favorite split foe sure! Perfect design!


Very nice plates for the price, if you need something cheap for the board get these