FoldKB - Ortholinear board using Standard Keyset - PCB Kit

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Split ortholinear board that’s compatible with a standard keyset, for those scared of finding keycaps for an ortho board.

Want a pre-built version of the FoldKB? See here: Pre-Built FoldKB


The FoldKB has been discontinued from continuous in-stock status, but we're now doing recurring small-batch runs of the board, so sign up for restock notifications to find out when they are released.


  • On-board ATmega32u4 controller
    • Pre-flashed with QMK Firmware with VIA support enabled
  • Switch support: MX-compatible switches only
  • USB-C port for connection to computer and between halves
  • In-switch single-color LED support
  • Option for rotary encoder at top-left of left half
    • Note: Some of the gallery images show encoder on right half, but that was only an option on prototype kits, that option went away to support 2u backspace on right half
  • Bottom plates in FR4 Plate Kit has two designs!
    • Flip the bottom plates to select which design you'd like to display
  • Layout options: FoldKB Layout

    Kit Contents:

    • PCB Kit: FoldKB left PCB and FoldKB right PCB

      Parts Needed for Build:

      Build Guide:

      Build guide can be found here: FoldKB Build Guide

      Jumper wire fix for using 2x1.5u keys on left thumbs is no longer needed for these Rev. 1.1 PCBs.

      Case Files:

      Case files for 3D printing are available here: FoldKB Case Files

      Default Keymapping:

      The default keymapping that the board is pre-programmed with can be found here: Default Keymaps. The keymap can be changed in the QMK Configurator.

      Customer Reviews

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      This is a fantastic fit and good sound! Def recommend!


      Fantastic board, be aware the keys are straight up down not standard layout, fantastic quality