BAMFK-1 - Big Switch PCB


A new PCB for the NovelKeys Big Switch!

Case Options

An acrylic case is available here that has everything you need, including the PCB: BAMFK-1 Acrylic Case

Alternatively, if you'd like to print off your own case, files are provided here: BAMFK-1 Case Files

PCB Kit Contents

  • (Case not included)

Other Parts Needed

    PCB Features

    • QMK Firmware with VIA support
    • Compatible with Big Switch
    • USB-C Port
    • ATmega32u4 microcontroller
    • 8 underglow RGB LEDs
    • 8 upwards-facing RGB LEDs
    • Support for 2 horizontal rotary encoders
    • Piezo speaker support
    • Breakout pins for I2C
    • Breakout pin for adding even more RGB LEDs

    Build Guide

    Build guide for the BAMFK-1