BDN9 Rev. 2 Case/Plates

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Case/plates for the BDN9 Rev. 2 PCB.

Looking for something fancier? Check out the Jawn case for the BDN9.

    FR4 Plate Kit (requires PCB)

    • 1 FR4 Switch plate
    • 1 FR4 Bottom plate
    • 8 4mm M2 screws and 4 8mm M2 standoffs

    Acrylic Cases (requires PCB)

    For use with MX-compatible switches only.

    Not compatible with Rev. 1 PCBs, unless all pins poking through top side of PCBs are flush and don’t stick out.


    • 5mm thick black acrylic switch plate
    • 5mm thick black acrylic bottom plate
    • 8mm thick clear acrylic middle layer
    • 8 8mm M2 screws
    • 4 7mm M2 standoffs

    Optional Acrylic Mid Layer (requires plates)

    Just the middle layer from the Acrylic Case kit above that can be used with the FR4 plates. Goes between the switch plate and bottom plate. Only compatible with Rev. 2 BDN9.


    • 8mm thick clear acrylic middle layer
    • 4 7mm standoffs (needed to replace ones that are longer than the thickness of the mid layer)