BDN9 Rev. 2 - 3x3 9-key Macropad - Rotary Encoder and RGB


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Revision 2 of the board that's a tribute to one of the greatest players ever, the BDN9 is a fun little 3x3 macropad that lets you try out a few rotary encoders as well. What can you do with rotary encoders? That's for you to figure out! Use it as up/down, page up/down, volume control, or whatever, get creative. Go win a Super Bowl with it or something.

With Rev. 2, the microcontroller and other components are already soldered on.

Note: PCB is sold separately from the plates/cases. You will either need to purchase the FR4 Plate kit or one of the Acrylic cases to go along with the PCB.


  • 3x3 grid of keys
  • Ability to add up 3 rotary encoders on the top row of the board
  • In-switch RGB LEDs and two underglow RGB LEDs
  • STM32F072 microcontroller
  • Mid-mount USB-C port for lower profile build
  • MX/Alps/Choc switch support

PCB Includes:

  • Just 1 PCB

FR4 Plate Kit:

  • 1 FR4 Switch plate
  • 1 FR4 Bottom plate
  • 8 4mm M2 screws and 4 6mm M2 standoffs 

Acrylic Cases (requires PCB):

For use with MX-compatible switches only.

Not compatible with Rev. 1 PCBs, unless all pins poking through top side of PCBs are flush and don’t stick out.


  • 5mm thick black acrylic switch plate
  • 5mm thick black acrylic bottom plate
  • 8mm thick clear acrylic middle layer
  • 8 8mm M2 screws
  • 4 7mm M2 standoffs

Optional Acrylic Mid Layer (requires plates):

Just the middle layer from the Acrylic Case kit above that can be used with the FR4 plates. Goes between the switch plate and bottom plate. Only compatible with Rev. 2 BDN9.


  • 4 7mm standoffs (needed to replace ones that are longer than the thickness of the mid layer)
  • 8mm thick clear acrylic middle layer

    Other parts needed:

    Build Guide: BDN9 Rev. 2 Build Guide

    Case Files: GitHub - BDN9 Case (Rev. 2 files not ready yet)

    Default Layout Images