BAMFK-1 - Big Switch PCB

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A new PCB for the NovelKeys Big Switch!

  • QMK Firmware with VIA support
  • Compatible with Big Switch
  • USB-C Port
  • ATmega32u4 microcontroller
  • 8 underglow RGB LEDs
  • 8 upwards-facing RGB LEDs
  • Support for 2 horizontal rotary encoders
  • Piezo speaker support
  • Breakout pins for I2C
  • Breakout pin for adding even more RGB LEDs
  • (Case not included)

This keyboard uses the popular open-source QMK Firmware with VIA enabled out of the box to allow you to remap all the keys just the way you want them.

Plug your keyboard in, open up the VIA app, and easily change what each key does to get the most out of your keyboard with your customizations! More info on what you can do here: VIA Usage Guide

An acrylic case is available here that has everything you need, including the PCB: BAMFK-1 Acrylic Case

Alternatively, if you'd like to print off your own case, files are provided here: BAMFK-1 Case Files