FoldKB - Ortholinear board using Standard Keyset - PCB Kit

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Split ortholinear board that’s compatible with a standard keyset, for those scared of finding keycaps for an ortho board.

Want a pre-built version of the FoldKB? See here: Pre-Built FoldKB

  • On-board ATmega32u4 controller
  • Compatible with MX-style switches
  • USB-C port for connection to computer and between halves
  • In-switch single-color LED support
  • Option for rotary encoder at top-left of left half
  • Note: Some of the gallery images show encoder on right half, but that was only an option on prototype kits, that option went away to support 2u backspace on right half
  • Bottom plates in FR4 Plate Kit has two designs! Flip the bottom plates to select which design you'd like to display
  • Layout options: FoldKB Layout
  • Left half PCB
  • Right half PCB

Build guide can be found here: FoldKB Build Guide

Like video more than text? Check out the build video!

Jumper wire fix for using 2x1.5u keys on left thumbs is no longer needed for these Rev. 1.1 PCBs.

This keyboard uses the popular open-source QMK Firmware with VIA enabled out of the box to allow you to remap all the keys just the way you want them.

Plug your keyboard in, open up the VIA app, and easily change what each key does to get the most out of your keyboard with your customizations! More info on what you can do here: VIA Usage Guide

Default Keymapping

The default keymapping that the board is pre-programmed with can be found here: Default Keymaps. The keymap can be changed in the QMK Configurator.

Case Files

Case files for 3D printing are available here: FoldKB Case Files

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This is a fantastic fit and good sound! Def recommend!


Fantastic board, be aware the keys are straight up down not standard layout, fantastic quality