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Keebio Crap Sale

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Keebio Crap Sale!

Sorry, we can't be perfect all the time, although we do try our best. But, our mistakes mean reduced-price crap for you! These items are slightly defective, meaning that they need a small bit of work to get working properly. In some cases, the item might work as a half of a board, but needs additional work to get both halves working.

These items are geared towards those who can troubleshoot issues well and are not recommended for first-time builders.


Available Items

Nyquist 1.2 PCBs

The issue with these PCBs is a missing VCC trace between the two I2C resistors. This prevents VCC from reaching the TRRS jack. The fix is simple, add a jumper wire between the two pads, and you've got a fully functioning Nyquist PCB. The fix also enables the VCC breakout pad to work.

Note: The picture shows the fix applied, the actual boards won't have this fix, you'll need to apply that yourself.

Alternatively, you can just leave the PCB as is and use the board as a macropad.


  • 1 Nyquist 1.2 PCB (black or white), good for only half of a board
  • 1 Reset switch

To assemble this board, you'll need:

  • 1 PCB (this item)
  • 1 reset switch (included)
  • 30 diodes (not included)
  • 1 Pro Micro (not included)
  • Plates (not included, but how convenient, there's one below)

White/Yellow Nyquist PCB top/bottom plates

This is similar to Nyquist - PCB Case/Plates, except one side is white, while the other side is fiberglass yellow. You could use this as is or do something fun like spray paint it with the color of your choice.

Note: Picture shows 2 sets of plates so you know what the front and back of the plates look like, only 1 set is included.


  • 1 top plate
  • 1 bottom plate
  • Good for only half of a board
  • 8 6mm screws and 4 12mm standoffs included