Iris Rev. 8 Keyboard - Hotswap PCBs for Split Ergonomic Keyboard

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The 8th revision of the popular Iris keyboard, a split ergonomic keyboard with 4x6 vertically staggered keys and up to 4 thumb keys. Reprogrammable to any keymap layout you'd like with QMK/VIA!

Don't want to build this keyboard yourself? No problem, check out the fully-built version: Pre-built Iris Keyboard


      Each half of the board is a 4x6 matrix with the same vertical stagger as the Ergodox and with 2-4 thumb keys. Alternatively, a rotary encoder can be placed at the upper thumb key of each half.

      Many thanks to Lewis Ridden (/u/GAMING_FACE) for coming up with this design.

      • On-board RP2040 controller
      • Switch support: MX-compatible only
      • USB-C port
      • MX Hotswap sockets pre-installed
      • 6 RGB underglow LEDs per half (12 total)
      • Per-key RGB LEDs
      • Option for rotary encoders at upper thumb key and outer top corners on each half
      • Pre-flashed with QMK Firmware and VIA configurator support
      • Left half PCB
      • Right half PCB

      This keyboard uses the popular open-source QMK Firmware with VIA enabled out of the box to allow you to remap all the keys just the way you want them.

      Plug your keyboard in, open up the VIA app, and easily change what each key does to get the most out of your keyboard with your customizations! More info on what you can do here: VIA Usage Guide

      Economy (Iris PE)

      Sandwich-style case using a pair of plates and optional acrylic middle layer

      Standard (Iris SE)

      Aluminum, tray-mount case with silicone dampeners

      Premium (Iris AE)

      Hi-profile aluminum case with built-in 5-degree tent

      The rotary encoder pins are not hotswapped, so encoders need to be soldered in if installing them.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews

      Love this thing, this is the 8th iteration and I have been using for 3 of them and upgrading regularly.
      Switching fully to USB c is so appreciated, even the connection between the plates it is perfect

      Matthew Gale
      Amazing Product

      This is my first experience with a split/ergo keyboard of any kind and I couldn't have chose a better board - I purchased two, one was a birthday gift for a friend and the other for myself. It has been nearly 1 month since the boards arrived and my friend and I have both got rid of our old boards and strictly prefer the iris at this point. One comment i would like to make is one of the boards had an RGB node that was faulty causing some weird RGB issues, I reached out to customer service about the issue and they had a new board in the mail within the hour with a return label included. the customer service and the product itself both get a 10/10 in my books.

      Love it

      My only issue was one of the 10k resistor leads was not on its pad (luckily I had flux/solder wick but just check for anything and they will probably send you a fixed PCB). The last time I was in the market for a new keeb things were a lot different; there were a dearth of good mx style clickies (blue is not good). My daily driver became a Viterbi rev. 1 with Matias clicks. Now with hot swap sockets, I can try all the awesome new clickies on the market🥹


      Had no issues with lighting, or response to key switches.

      Most Excellent

      Could not ask for a better first-build experience. Everything fit together perfectly, switches lined up between the plate and PCB without effort, and the completed build feels solid. Add that the reduction in hand strain not to mention incredible style and I couldn't ask for a better board. The hot swaps make it easy to play with different switches and I didn't have to stress over soldering.