Jawn - Aluminum Case for BDN9

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Looking for a fancier case for the BDN9 Rev. 2 PCB? Then make sure you get this Jawn for that PCB.

More colors available at the Founder's Edition of the Jawn: Jawn - Founder's Edition

  • Aluminum Top and Bottom
  • 7 degree angle
  • PCB compatibility: BDN9 Rev. 2
  • Stainless steel switch plate
  • FR4 switch plate is also included if you want to use that instead
  • Top and Bottom parts of case
  • Switch plate (Stainless steel and FR4)
  • M2 Screws and Hex Key
  • BDN9 Rev. 2 PCB
  • SKUF silicone feet
  • Black ones included with Royal Blue and Black cases
  • Clear ones included with Dolphin Gray, Seafoam Green, White, and Lilac cases
  • Carrying case