Nyquist Update

Nyquist Update

Posted by Danny Nguyen on

Here's the latest update on what's happening with the Nyquist!


The 3rd revision (a.k.a. Version 1.1) of test boards have arrived and are currently in testing. Once those have checked out fine and a couple final tweaks are made, the main order of PCBs will be made. Recent changes to the PCB between the 2nd and 3rd revisions include the following:

  • Support for both SMD and through-hole diodes
  • Change from flat push button reset switch to low-profile right-angle push button for easier access
  • Addition of breakout pins for connection RGB strip and C6 (speaker)
  • Easier jumper pads for the TRRS connector, no more guesswork and making mistakes!
  • Addition of M2 screw holes to enable builds without a switch plate

Better jumpers

New TRRS Jumpers


Hybrid diode pads and pin breakouts

Hybrid Diode Pads and Pro Micro Breakout Pins

As for the color of the PCB, from the results of the interest check, black and white were the most popular options, so we will have both colors available. On top of that, each PCB color will have different a different silkscreen on them. Collect them all!

Case and Plates

Case files are now available on GitHub: Nyquist Case Design Files. These files are compatible across all revisions made so far.

An additional case design will be made that supports connecting both halves with magnets.

We're also currently doing a test run of brushed stainless steel plates with a local metal fabricator, and if they're up to our standards (we sure hope so), they'll be available for sale.

A limited amount of top and bottom 3mm black acrylic plates have been received will be made available when the PCBs and kits are for sale.


Over the past few weeks, we've been busy sourcing parts for the Nyquist so you don't have to! The parts for kit due to arrive in a few days.

The kit will include:

  • 2 TRRS jacks
  • M2 screws and standoffs, plus extras of each
  • 2 Pro Micros, flashed with default layout for I2C
  • 2 right-angle push buttons for reset switch
  • Resistors for I2C
  • Diodes - Selection of either through-hole or SMD diodes

The TRRS cable will be sold separately, as there will be 5 different options available. We definitely think you'll like the options that will be available, from short cables to ones with metal sheathing!

Fully Assembled & Partially Assembled Options and Customization

If you're interested in having everything fully assembled (with switches, case, etc.), then please contact us, and we can put together a quote for whatever you need. We can custom order various parts like cases/plates, cables, and switches, as well as other things such as switch modding.

We can also do partial assembly of everything except for the Pro Micro and switches. This includes the following: Diodes, TRRS jack, resistors, jumpers, and header pins. The reason why the Pro Micro can't be done in advance is that it would block the ability of 2 of the switches so be soldered in.


We hope to have everything available for sale around the end of next week. Notifications will be sent via email first, so make sure you've signed up for our newsletter (form is at the bottom of our homepage). We'll also shoot out an announcement via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so it doesn't hurt to follow us there as well.

Thanks for reading!

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