Sinc Rev. 2 PCB Kit - Split Staggered 75% Keyboard

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Kit Type Rev. 2 PCB Kit

Split 75% keyboard with optional 2x5 macro section and right column.

Note: Rev. 2 has been discontinued, so please checkout Rev. 3, which features various upgrades, compared to Rev. 2

PCB Kits and Plate Kits are sold separately, so unless you are having your own case/plates made, you will need both a PCB kit and Plate kit.

Acrylic Case available here: Sinc Acrylic Case


  • Option for rotary encoders at top left and top right corners
  • ANSI/ISO support
  • Options for split backspace and split right shift
  • Layouts supported: KLE link
    • Macro section on left half and right column on right half can optionally be broken off
    • In-switch LED support (single-color 2-Pin LEDs)
    • Separately controlled Caps Lock LED
    • USB-C port
    • Compatible with MX-style switches only
    • QMK compatible, pre-flashed with VIA support

    PCB Kit

    • Comes with left half PCB and right half PCB
    • ATmega32u4 integrated on-board
    • 8 RGB underglow LEDs on each half
    • Single-color, in-switch LED support (non-addressable)

      Other parts needed for build

      Case Design Files

      Files available on GitHub

      Build Guide



      Default Keymapping:

      The default keymapping that the board is pre-programmed with can be found here: Default Keymaps