Quefrency Rev. 4 - 65% Split Staggered Keyboard

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Rev. 4 of the Quefrency features Kailh hotswap sockets! (Development still in progress, pricing still TBD)

A 60%/65% split staggered keyboard, with 2x5 macro section option for the left half. Pronounced as keew-fren-see.

Prototype PCB Kits:

  • Does not have split backspace option that final production PCBs will have
  • Some of the underglow RGB LEDs are defective and need to be replaced
    • A couple of the PCBs don't have RGB LEDs installed
  • Not compatible with acrylic case because the right PCB is a bit larger than the Rev. 3 PCB at the place where the two halves join, which prevents the right half from fitting into the case properly
    • This will be fixed in the final production PCB

Stocking Status: Keebio Status Board


  • Option for rotary encoders at top left and top right corners
  • ANSI support sonly
  • Layouts supported: Quefrency Rev. 4 KLE
    • Note: Prototype PCBs do not have split backspace option
  • Macro section on left half and right column on right half can optionally be broken off
  • USB-C ports for both connection to computer and between halves
  • Compatible with MX-style switches only
  • QMK compatible, pre-flashed with VIA support
  • Compatible with Rev. 2 & 3 plates

    PCB Kits:

    • Left PCB and Right PCB
    • One size fits all - Left PCB can have macro section broken off