Peel-A-Way Sockets for Pro Micros

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Tried of desoldering Pro Micros because you've broken off the Micro-USB port? Time to socket your Pro Micros! These Peel-A-Way sockets are very low-profile, so it doesn't very much addition height to your builds.


Instead of using the header pins that come with the Pro Micro, solder two strips of 12 pins in the Pro Micro slot. Next, align the Pro Micro over the sockets and insert leftover diode or resistor legs through the Pro Micro pads and into the sockets firmly. Lastly, solder the legs to the Pro Micro and clip the excess length.

Peel-A-Way® is a registered trademark of Advanced Interconnections Corp., West Warwick, RI USA. Keebio is not associated with and is not an authorized distributor or reseller of Advanced Interconnections Corp.

  • Not usable with Iris KLP, because the sockets will end up striking the underside of the switch plate.
  • Not compatible with some boards (usually ones designed by Japanese creators), like the Lily58, Corne, Ergo42, and Reviung39, as the pin holes on those boards are smaller than usual, and those sockets do not fit into them.
  • The sockets are a bit too small for most for LED legs.
  • You can not use these to hotswap switches, they are too small for that.

These are sold as in the following amounts:

  • 1 strip of 100 pins, which is good enough to socket 4 Pro Micros
  • 3 strips of 33 pins, which is good enough to socket 4 Pro Micros

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Very useful for socketing Pro Micro footprint microcontrollers