MBK Convex POM Modifier Choc Keycap Kit

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Color White (for Cepstrum)

If you want to join the super secret club of folks with the highest-quality low-profile keycaps, you’ve found the right place!

Max Burger and Stephen at MoErgo combined their powers of keycap creation to make the almighty MBK Convex POM! This kit offers all the modifiers keycaps you need for a horizontal stagger board. Cover your low-profile keyboard with this kit and listen to your fingertips sing on the convex shape. The smoothness is even greater than the PBT material, giving it an otherworldly presence to your desk. Who says Captain Planet gets to have all the fun?

Get your special powered keycaps to fuel comfortable hours of typing, gaming, or whatever makes your air balloon float.

Combine the powers of Choc parts to save the planet! (Or maybe just your wrists? I'm sure you could save the planet if you set your mind to it.)

Keep in mind this set is Cepstrum specific! If you're looking for our 1u keyset for Choc caps that are usable for multiple boards, hop over to our MCC Spectrum Keycap Set.

Just like the picture on the tin, there are no legends on this keyset. These ONLY work with regular Kailh Choc Switches.
  • 6x 1.25u
  • 2x 1.5u
  • 2x 1.75u
  • 1x 2u
  • 4x 2.25u