Levinson Keyboard - Case/Plates

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Top/bottom plates for the Levinson keyboard. The middle layers are optional and can be added in between the top and bottom plates at any time.

These plates are backwards-compatible with the Let's Split v2, if you want to use it with those PCBs.


    • Compatible with MX and Alps switches
    • Support MX switch top removal
    • Note that for the non-1u cutouts however, the switches won't have anything on the plate to grab on to, so you need to be careful with alignment when soldering the switch.

    Middle Layer

    • Used to enclose the keyboard
    • Compatible with all the plates on this page
    • Normal variant gives a sleek minimal look
    • Tented variant has 4 side holes to accept 1/4" or M6 screws to tent the board

    Stainless Steel Plates

    • 16 gauge (1.56mm) 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish
    • Note that the backside of each plate may have scratches on it, but they are hidden when the board is assembled

    FR4 Plates

    • 1.6mm thick

    Acrylic Plates

    • 3mm thick plates
    • available in black, clear, and white

    Acrylic Middle Layer

    • 9.5 mm thick acrylic
    • available in clear and frosted


    • 2 Switch plates
    • 2 Bottom plates
    • 32 M2 6mm screws
    • 16 M2 10mm standoffs

    Middle Layers

    • 2 Middle pieces
    • 16 M2 9mm standoffs

    The design files for the case: Levinson Case Files