Iris Keyboard Carrying Case

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Carrying case for your Iris keyboard! This is the carrying case included with the Iris Aluminum Case, but this can also be used with an Iris built with the Iris PE case parts.


  • Handle - so you can carry it around
  • Zipper - so you can close it up
  • Center cutout in the foam - so you can leave your USB-C to USB-C connected and have it rest in the middle
  • Mesh pouch at top of shell - store other goodies here like USB-C cable, notebook, small tablet, and secret documents
  • Pair of Velcro straps - secure your board even more
  • Dimensions: 18.5” x 8” x 2.75” (47cm x 20cm x 7cm)

Usage Notes:

  • Iris Aluminum Case - Fit will be snug
  • Iris PE build with tented middle layers - Fit will also be snug, but you will need to remove tenting bolts if installed
  • Iris PE build with normal middle layers  - Fit may be slightly loose
  • Iris PE build without middle layers - Fit will be loose, make sure Velcro straps are used, and if needed, tuck the upper strap under the foam and over the top of the keyboard
  • Can't be used with other keyboards, since the foam is specifically made for the Iris, but the foam is removable
  • The foam for the case does initially have an odor to it, so you may need to air it out (we have tried to do this in advance as well)