Iris Aluminum Case


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Coming soon!

Looking for a fancier case for the Iris PCB? We've finally designed an aluminum case for the Iris now.

Price for the main run of cases is TBD. Colors for the cases are also TBD, please fill out survey for what colors you'd like to see!


  • Aluminum Top and Bottom
  • 5 degree side tilt
  • PCB compatibility: Iris Rev. 5 and Iris Rev. 6 PCBs
  • FR4 and Stainless Steel switch plates included (install whatever one you want)
  • Burger O-ring mount

Kit Contents:

  • Top and Bottom parts of case
  • Switch plates (FR4 and Stainless Steel)
  • M2 and M3 Screws
  • O-rings for burger mount
  • SKUF silicone feet
  • Carrying case
  • Note: PCBs are not included