FLAHNS - 5mm Hotswap PCB Silicone Bumpers


Silicone bumpers to put on the underside of hotswap PCBs to help prevent them from being pushed down from switches. Handy for PCBs with Kailh hotswap sockets or ones that have been Mill-Maxed. Especially recommended if using encoders.

Fabulous Leveling Assistance for Hotswap boards Needing Support (FLAHNS)


  • Pack of 12 bumpers
  • Silicone material
  • 30A hardness (soft to provide squishiness)
  • 5mm tall (can squish it down to about 2.5-3mm)
  • 7mm diameter at base, 5.5mm diameter at top


  • Place 4-6 bumpers on the underside of hotswap PCB to provide support
  • Add one underneath rotary encoder if one is installed