Choconum - Kailh Choc Numpad

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A 5x4 numpad that uses Kailh Choc switches.

Prototype Kit (Currently pictured):

This prototype version does not support the all 1u configuration, just the standard numpad layout. Also, the stabilizers for the vertical 2u keys are backwards so if using the + and Enter keys with legends, they need to be put on upside-down.

Base Kit Includes:

  • PCB (supports 1u and 2u configurations)
  • Switch plate (2u configuration only)
  • Bottom plate
  • 3 Kailh Choc stabilizers
  • 8 4mm M2 screws
  • 4 5mm M2 standoffs

Additional Info:

  • 17mm vertical, 18mm horizontal switch spacing
  • Mid-mount USB-C for very low profile
  • VIA compatible
  • Keycaps not included, compatible with this set: Kailh Choc Keyset