Cepstrum Keyboard - Pre-Built


Don't want to worry about putting the Cepstrum keyboard kit together? No problem, we can build one for you!


  • Tested and pre-flashed with default layout and VIA support
  • Ships within 3-5 business days usually
  • Rev. 1 PCB with Hotswap and Per-key RGB LEDs
    • USB-C to USB-A Cable to connect to your computer not included
    • The USB-C to USB-C cable is used to connect both halves together

    Ordering Steps:

    1. Select your switches (Linear, Tactile, or Clicky)
    2. Select keycaps for alphas/numbers
      • These are for the keys with letters and numbers on them
      • Keyset shown in the photos is MCC Spectrum, available in Black or White
      • For keycaps that shine through, there is MBK Glow R2, available in Black or White
    3. Select keycaps for modifiers
      • These are for the larger keys like Enter, Space, Ctrl, etc.
      • Modifier keys shown in the photos is MBK Convex POM, available in Black or White
      • Currently, we only offer blank modifiers, but we'll have labeled ones in the future
    4. (Optional) Select a middle layer to fill the gap between the top and bottom plates
      • Select a cable to connect the two halves together
      • Enjoy your awesome new keyboard when it arrives!

          Switch Options:

          • Kailh Choc Reds (Linear)
          • Kailh Choc Browns (Tactile)
          • Kailh Choc Whites (Clicky)
          • Customer Supplied
            • For this option, email us in advance so we can give you the mailing address to send switches to