BFO-9000 Keyboard - Customizable Full-Size Split Ortholinear

BFO-9000 Keyboard - Customizable Full-Size Split Ortholinear

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Need even more keys than the Viterbi? Awesome, we've got a split board with up to 6 rows and 9 columns! Don't need that many rows or columns, well that's cool too, the PCB features breakoff pieces to allow for 4 to 6 rows and 7 to 9 columns.

The Rev. 1.1 PCBs are able to be used with MX-compatible, Alps-compatible, and Kailh Low-Profile Choc switches.

Item Notes

The PCB Kit includes the following:

  • 2 BFE-9000 PCBs
  • 2 Push buttons for reset
  • 2 TRRS jacks
  • 108 1N4148 diodes (if you want fewer diodes, please request this in your order notes so we don't waste diodes)

New! 6x9 Acrylic plates:

  • 2 Switch plates
  • 2 Bottom plates
  • M2 Screws and 10mm standoffs

The Name

The name is derived from that big gun in Doom. The 'B' stands for Big, the 'O' for Ortho, and the 'F' for ... well you know.


Here's the case files for a sandwich-style case are still under development, but one can be generated easily via a combination of KLE and SwillKB Builder.

Pre-ordering for acrylic cases will be available in the future, but for now, just the PCB Kit will be available. Please fill out this interest check form so we can figure out which sizes and colors to produce: BFO-9000 Acrylic Case IC


    The build guide is identical to that of the Nyquist except for the additional rows and columns, so you can use this guide.


    The default layout is here: BFO-9000 default layout