BDN9 Rev. 1 - 3x3 9-key Macropad - Rotary Encoder Support

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A tribute to one of the greatest players ever, the BDN9 is a fun little 3x3 macropad that lets you try out a couple of rotary encoders as well. What can you do with rotary encoders? That's for you to figure out! Use it as up/down, page up/down, volume control, or whatever, get creative. Go win a Super Bowl with it or something.

Also, this build doesn't require any diodes, simplifying the build.

  • 3x3 grid of keys
  • Ability to use rotary encoders in the upper row of the board
  • In-switch LED support
  • Breakout pins for adding RGB strips or use the RGB LED footprints on the PCB with loose RGB LEDs

Base Kit Includes:

  • 1 PCB
  • 1 Switch plate
  • 1 Bottom plate
  • 8 6mm M2 screws and 4 12mm M2 standoffs
  • 1 Reset switch
  • 10 470Ω resistors
  • MOSFET for LED support

New with Rev. 1.3

  • Addition of 3rd encoder option on top row!
  • New kit option!: Pre-Soldered PCB - Resistors, transistor, RGB LEDs, and reset switch already soldered on - You still need to solder on in-switch LEDs, switches, and Pro Micro-compatible controller

Case Files

GitHub - BDN9 Case

Default Keymapping

The default keymapping that the board is pre-programmed with can be found here: Default Keymaps