Iris PE 3D-Printed Top Shell

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Need a middle layer and/or top shell for your Iris? An alternative to the acrylic pieces are 3D printed ones.

Note: These are printed on-demand, so it may take an additional 4-6 business days to fulfill your order.

The case files being printed are available freely here if you'd like to print your own: Iris PE 3D print files

To go along with this, you will need to have a middle layer (either an acrylic one or 3D-printed one) to go along with the top shell, or else things will look weird.


At the moment, we haven't made these available to purchase here yet, so we recommend purchasing from these pieces from Tree Dog Studio, who we've partnered up with to have our design printed out.

Item Contents

  • Top shell for left half
  • Top shell for right half

About the Top Shell

A top shell goes on top of the switch plate, to give the keyboard a high-profile look, meaning that the sides of the switch are not visible. The top shell also has a "lip", which goes around the outside edge of the switch plate to hide the switch plate away from view when looked at from the side.

For installation, you will need to replace the 6mm screws from the plate kit and use 18mm screws. The screws will be inserted through the bottom plate, then through the middle layer, then the switch plate, and then threads into the top shell.

Note the the number of times the top shell can be screwed into is limited, since you are tapping into the 3D print directly.

Color Options

Here's the current color options available, more may be available upon request.

  • Clear - comes out as a frosty color, allows for underglow to shine through
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Navy Blue
  • Lilac
  • Dark Red
  • Forest Green
  • White
  • Marble
  • Aqua Blue

Material Info

PLA filament is used for the prints at 0.2mm layer height. Most of the filament comes from Atomic Filament.

Installation Instructions

Please see the video below to learn how to assemble these case parts together.