Iris PE 3D-Printed Middle Layer

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Need a middle layer and/or top shell for your Iris? An alternative to the acrylic pieces are 3D printed ones.

Note: These are printed on-demand, so it may take an additional 4-6 business days to fulfill your order.

The case files being printed are available freely here if you'd like to print your own: Iris PE 3D print files

To go along with this, you can also get a top layer to match up with the middle layer.


At the moment, we haven't made these available to purchase here yet, so we recommend purchasing from these pieces from Tree Dog Studio, who we've partnered up with to have our design printed out.

Item Contents

  • Middle layer for left half
  • Middle layer for right half
  • (For Ergodox EZ Tent Kit support only) 6 M3 nuts

About the Middle Layer

A middle layer is used in between the switch plate and the bottom plate to enclose the middle area and make the keyboard look more complete.

The middle layer comes in two main options:

  • W/Ergodox EZ Tent Kit Support
    • Allows for the Ergodox EZ Tent Kit legs (not included) to be screwed into the sides of the middle layer
    • M3 nuts that drop into the print are included
  • Normal
    • No screw holes for the Ergodox kit to fit into

The middle layer you will need also depends on the thickness of the switch plate you have as well. FR4 and Stainless steel plates are 1.5mm thick, while the acrylic plates are 3mm thick. Please select the correct option based on your plates, as this affects the vertical placement of the USB-C ports in the print.

The middle layers can also have a "lip" as well. This lip goes around the outside edge of the bottom plate to hide the bottom plate away from view when looked at from the side. This is similar to how the top shell lip covers the edges of the switch plate.

Color Options

Here's the current color options available, more may be available upon request.

  • Clear - comes out as a frosty color, allows for underglow to shine through
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Navy Blue
  • Lilac
  • Dark Red
  • Forest Green
  • White
  • Marble
  • Aqua Blue

Material Info

PLA filament is used for the prints at 0.2mm layer height.

Installation Instructions

Please see the video below to learn how to assemble these case parts together.