Mill-Max Hotswap Sockets


Mill-Max sockets for adding hotswap support to regular PCBs. Sold in packs of 60 (good for 30 switches).

Info about the different types:

  • 7305-0: Gold-plated sockets (7305-0-15-15-47-27-10-0)
    • Shorter leg that can be more difficult to solder, but has a shorter lip above the PCB that's more flush
  • 0305-2: Tin-plated sockets (0305-2-15-80-47-80-10-0)
    • Easier to solder because of longer leg, but taller lip that pops up above the PCB
  • New! 3305-1: Gold-plated sockets (3305-1-15-15-47-27-10-0)
    • Best of both worlds! Easier to solder with the longer legs and is more flush with the top of the PCB with a lip than even more shorter than the 7305-0

Note: Adding these hotswap sockets to a PCB may require you to use longer standoffs with your case due to increased distance between the switch plate and PCB.

Some switches (such as Kailh switches) have compatibility issues with these sockets due to wider switch pins. Please check the Mill-Max Compatibility Table if you are unsure if your switches will work with the sockets.

Installation Tutorial Video: