Keebio Scrap Sale

Keebio Scrap Sale

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Keebio Scrap Sale!

These items may be slightly defective, meaning that they need a small bit of work to get working properly sometimes. In some cases, the item might work as a half of a board, but needs additional work to get both halves working.

These items are geared towards those who can troubleshoot issues well and are not recommended for first-time builders.

There is no tech support available for these items and are sold as-is.

Ordering info for Mystery Boxes: 

  • Only 1 Mystery Box per person (can only choose Small or Big box, not both
  • Mystery Boxes cannot be combined with other items, as they are already sealed for shipping
  • If you wish to order additional items, please place a separate order
  • Orders with multiple items will be cancelled
  • No returns, but not like you'll request one anyway because of how awesome the boxes are
  • Half of the boxes will go on sale at 12PM EST on April 29, other half will go on sale at 12AM EST on April 30 for those on the other side of the world


  • Mystery Boxes! UPDATE: All gone!
    • Clearing out various items, including Iris plates, Fourier plates, loose PCBs for various boards
    • No TRRS jacks, reset switches, or screws/standoffs included
    • About 1-2 pounds of stuff in each box, probably good to make at least 3-5 full keyboards, but no guarantees
    • All PCBs are functional, most are beta versions
      • Iris 1.0 PCBs in some boxes had some Issue with GND not being connected to the TRRS, that’s for you to figure out how to jump it
      • Iris 2.2-KLP: Be careful around the TRRS jack, you may need to clip down a switch or TRRS jack to prevent fitment issues
      • Nano (2x4 mini-tactile switch PCB):
    • Sizes: Big box (8”x6”x4”), Small box (8”x4”x2” or 12”x4”x2”)
      • NOTE: Picture of plate on top of the boxes is only there to help show the size and is not indicative of its contents.
  • Quefrency Right 65% PCB only - incomplete drilling
    • 3 drill holes are missing on the PCB as shown in the picture, works fine if you're not using that layout
      • See image of layouts affected
    • Drill out the holes at your own risk
    • Comes with PCB only
  • Quefrency Right 65% Top Plate only - Missing black soldermask
    • Top plate only
    • Aluminum PCB, but I forgot to put black soldermask on top, so the top is an off-white dielectric
  • Box of Quefrency 60% plates - about 25 full sets
    • I don't really remember what the issue was with these plates
  • Box of Fourier Plates - about 30+ full sets
    • I think a number of left halves doesn't support the 4x1u layout at the lower left.