Elite-Pi - USB-C Pro Micro Replacement RP2040 Controller

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Version V1

The Elite-Pi is an RP2040-based controller with a Pro Micro/Elite-C compatible pinout that's primarily intended for use with keyboards.

Advantages over Pro Micro/Elite-C

In comparison to the Pro Micro or Elite-C, the Elite-Pi provides a few advantages over them:

  • Flash memory: Lots of space to compile in various QMK features without worry, as the Elite-Pi has much more flash memory
  • Price: Since the RP2040 microcontroller costs less than the ATmega32u4, we can provide it at a lower price than the Elite-C
  • Flashing: Instead of using QMK Toolbox, you can just copy a complied .uf2 file to the Elite-Pi to update the firmware
  • Compatible with Pro Micro-based PCBs
  • Mid-Mount USB-C port for low profile
  • RP2040 microcontroller
  • Flash Memory: 16Mbit (W25Q16JVUXIQ)
  • Up to 25 I/O pins available
  • USB D+/D- accessible via pads
  • On-board boot and run/reset buttons
  • 1.6mm thick PCB
  • Comes with two 12-pin headers and one 5-pin header
  • Firmware Support: QMK, KMK, CircuitPython

A full usage guide for the Elite-Pi can be found here: Elite-Pi Usage Guide. Please read the guide for some important notes.

Question: Can I use this on just one half of a split keyboard and use a Pro Micro on the other half?

Answer: No, you can not mix the Elite-Pi with a Pro Micro or Elite-C. However, another RP2040 controller can be used with it.

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Wozniak

The pinout on this is more similar to an original pro micro than an Elite-C -- that is, having RAW instead of a digital B0 pin. Be careful when using for boards that explicitly expect a Elite-C and use the extra pins.


I love these. Work well and good support in qmk


Great! Shipped quickly, packed well, exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the inclusion of headers and the other goodies included with the order.


Shipped almost instantly. Thank you.