Keebio Scrap Sale


Keebio Scrap Sale!

These items may be slightly defective, meaning that they need a small bit of work to get working properly sometimes. In some cases, the item might work as a half of a board, but needs additional work to get both halves working.

These items are geared towards those who can troubleshoot issues well and are not recommended for first-time builders.

There is no tech support available for these items and are sold as-is.

Ordering info for Mystery Boxes/Pouches: 

  • Only 1 Mystery Box/Pouch per person
  • Mystery Boxes/Pouches cannot be combined with other items, as they are already sealed for shipping
  • If you wish to order additional items, please place a separate order
  • Orders with multiple items will be cancelled
  • No returns, but not like you'll request one anyway because of how awesome the boxes are
  • U.S. destinations only, can not ship these boxes internationally
    • Shipping via USPS Priority Mail only, do not select UPS


  • Mystery Boxes!
    • Clearing out various items, including random switch plate, PCBs for various boards
    • Boxes are mostly B-Stock plates usually
    • See first couple of images for sample contents
    • No TRRS jacks, reset switches, or screws/standoffs included
    • Box weight varies between 4-10 pounds
    • PCBs in there may or may not be functional - No support questions about the PCBs will be answered
    • Quefrency Right 65% PCB only - incomplete drilling
      • 3 drill holes are missing on the PCB as shown in the picture, works fine if you're not using that layout
        • See image of layouts affected
      • Drill out the holes at your own risk
      • Comes with PCB only
    • Quefrency Right 65% Top Plate only - Missing black soldermask
      • Top plate only
      • Aluminum PCB, but I forgot to put black soldermask on top, so the top is an off-white dielectric
    • Box of Quefrency 60% plates - about 25 full sets
      • I don't really remember what the issue was with these plates
    • Box of Fourier Plates - about 30+ full sets
      • I think a number of left halves doesn't support the 4x1u layout at the lower left.