Iris LE (Legacy Edition) Case/Plates

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Case parts for the Iris keyboard. The cases consists of two sets of parts, top/bottom plates and middle layers. The middle layers are optional and can be added in between the top and bottom plates at any time.

PCBs not included.

Screws and standoffs are included, enough to fill the holes along the perimeter of the plates. The inner holes do not need to be filled and parts are not supplied for those holes.

Info on Legacy Edition (LE) case parts and Iris Rev. 3/4 compatibility

All of the plates and mid layers on this page is considered to be Legacy Edition (LE) parts are compatible with Rev. 3 and Rev. 4 PCBs for all configurations. These Legacy Edition parts will not be compatible with the upcoming Rev. 5 & 6 PCBs, due to the change of the TRRS port to USB-C. For Rev. 5 & 6, newer parts will be available, called Phoenix Edition (PE). PE parts are backwards compatible with Rev. 3 & 4 PCBs, but not with LE case parts.

    Top/Bottom Plates

    Plates for the Iris are offered in these variants:

      • FR4 material
        • Switch plates have black both sides
        • 1.6mm thick
        • Kailh Low-Profile Choc version
          • Only supports 1u keys
          • 1.2mm thick instead of 1.6mm
          • Can also be used for MX switches
      • Acrylic
        • 3mm thick
      • Stainless Steel
        • 16 gauge (1.56mm) 304 stainless steel with a #4 finish
        • B-Stock version: Has various scratches and marks on them, so you will probably need to sand and polish them

      The plates come with the following:

      • 2 Switch plates
      • 2 Bottom plates
      • 40 M2 6mm screws
      • 20 M2 12mm standoffs (steel, PCB, and acrylic plates) or 10mm standoffs for KLP plates

        Switch plates are compatible with MX and Alps switches and support MX switch top removal. Note that for the non-1u cutouts however, the switches won't have anything on the plate to grab on to, so you need to be careful with alignment when soldering the switch.

        The design files used for the Iris are available here, in case you'd like to make your own pieces: Iris Case Files

        Middle layer

        This 10mm thick middle layer is used to encase the area between the top and bottom plates. Most pieces actually measure between 9.4-9.8mm, so 9mm standoffs have been included to prevent the mid pieces from rattling. Replace the 12mm standoffs that comes with the plate kits with the 9mm ones. Compatible with the stainless steel, aluminum, or acrylic plates, and the design posted on GitHub.

        For the tented middle layer, you can use M6 or 1/4" carriage bolts and nuts to tent the board. These are not included with the middle layer, since every person's needs for the degree of tenting varies. You can get these bolts and nuts at a hardware store. See installation video below: