Sinc Rev. 3 PCB Kit - Split Staggered 75%/TKL Keyboard

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Split 75% keyboard with optional 2x5 macro section. Now featuring hotswap sockets, so just pop in your switches, and you are good to go!

Improvements with Rev. 3 PCBs: New features include per-key RGB, hotswap sockets, and more powerful on-board microcontroller!!

For additional left bottom row thumb layouts, see the Rev. 4 PCBs.

PCB Kits and Plate Kits are sold separately, so unless you are having your own case/plates made, you will need both a PCB kit and Plate kit (from the Case/Plates drop-down from above).


  • MX Hotswap sockets
  • Option for rotary encoders at top-left and top-right corners (non-hotswappable)
  • ANSI support
    • Enter area can be converted to support ISO Enter by relocating 2 hotswap sockets (We do provide a service option for this conversion), see Build Guide section below
  • Options for split ISO left shift, split backspace, and split right shift
  • Layouts supported: KLE link
    • Macro section on left half can optionally be broken off
    • In-switch RGB LEDs pre-installed
    • USB-C port
    • Compatible with MX-style switches only
    • QMK compatible, pre-flashed with VIA support for easy remapping of keys

    PCB Kit

    • Comes with left half PCB and right half PCB
    • RP2040 MCU integrated on-board
    • Per-key RGB LEDs for each switch
    • 8 RGB underglow LEDs on each half

      Other parts needed for build

      Build Guide

      Sinc Hotswap Build Guide

      ISO Enter Support Conversion: To convert the board to support ISO Enter, you'll need to desolder/resolder two of the hotswap sockets as shown below. See the build guide for additional details.

      Case Design Files

      Files available on GitHub

      Default Keymapping

      The default keymapping that the board is pre-programmed with can be found here: Default Keymaps

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