Reverb - Unibody Split Keyboard Kit

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The Reverb by Dasky - Part of the Community Creator Collection

The Reverb is a compact unibody split keyboard. Utilizing a RP2040 it provides plenty of firmware space for full customization of the 1.28" color circular display with QMKs Quantum Painter. It is VIA compatible to allow easy key remapping and changing of LED settings. It comes in two versions, Choc V1 choc-spaced version, and an MX-spaced MX version.

This is a DIY kit, so you will need solder the controller, hotswap sockets, LEDs, and other components to the PCB. If you are interested in assembly service for this kit, please contact us at

Group Buy

  • Live - January 30, 2024
  • Close - February 27, 2024
  • Estimated Shipping - May/June 2024 (Lead vendor is currently waiting for screens to arrive)

Other Vendors

  • 54-key layout
  • Individually addressable backlighting and underglow
  • MX and Choc V1 hotswap versions
  • Large circular color OLED

The LCD Screen comes with 2 preset keyboard-side settings: WPM Counter and a fun Nyancat reactive WPM sensor. You can see these in the video below!

You'll also notice some of our pictures including a stats screen and "now playing" from Spotify. These are PC-side and require local files to run the updates. They have not been released yet - they are just examples of what the screen and coding can display.

  • FR4 case
  • Black RP2040 USB-C Pico Controller
  • Bare PCB
  • 1.28" TFT LCD display
  • Screw and Standoffs
  • Rubber Feet
  • Hotswap Sockets (MX or Choc, depending on the selected kit)
  • SMD Diodes (for switches)
  • SMD Fuse
  • SMD VBUS Diode

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