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TRRS Cable

TRRS Cable

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4 Pin 3.5mm TRRS cables in a variety of colors and styles! Needed for various split keyboards such as the Nyquist, Let's Split, ErgoDox, Minidox, Orthodox, and other awesome ones like those.

Info about each cable style:

Note about measurements: The lengths below is the length of the cord (portion between the plugs and shielding for the plugs)

  • Red with Black plugs - 11 in/30 cm
  • Black with Black plugs - 11 in/30 cm
  • Black (Long) - 39 in/1m
  • White (Long) - 39 in/1m
  • Black with Right-angle plugs - 8 in/20 cm
  • Silver with sheathing - 32 in/85 cm
  • Black Coiled - 4 in/10cm (coiled portion when all coiled up)
  • NEW Colors!
    • Orange, Red, Green, Purple - 1m