Secret Mystery Box

Secret Mystery Box

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Super Secret Mystery Box!

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Mystery Box Info

  • These items may be slightly defective, meaning that they need a small bit of work to get working properly sometimes. In some cases, the item might work as a half of a board, but needs additional work to get both halves working.
  • These items are geared towards those who can troubleshoot issues well and are not recommended for first-time builders.
  • Clearing out various items, including Iris plates, Fourier plates, loose PCBs for various boards
  • No TRRS jacks, reset switches, or screws/standoffs included
  • About 2.5 pounds of stuff in the box, probably good to make at least 3-5 full keyboards, but no guarantees
  • All PCBs are functional, most are beta versions
    • Iris 1.0 PCBs in some boxes had some Issue with GND not being connected to the TRRS, that’s for you to figure out how to jump it
    • Iris 2.2-KLP: Be careful around the TRRS jack, you may need to clip down a switch or TRRS jack to prevent fitment issues
  • Size: Big box (8”x6”x3”)
  • There is no tech support available for these items and are sold as-is.