Mechanical Keyboard PCB Repair Service


Did you roast your Pro Micro? Or maybe you messed up some pad? No problem, we offer repair services in case you can't figure it out. We can fix just about any keyboard PCB (including boards from other companies we don’t sell), even if you think it's really bad, as we've got some pretty good soldering equipment and microscope for more advanced repairs.

Please contact us at prior to ordering this service. Rate varies based on type of repair required.

  • Level 0 - Example of this would be a single switch/socket that needs to be fixed
  • Level 1 - Multiple switch issues, port repair
  • Level 2 - More advanced debugging, more serious damage, microcontroller replacement

After determining the level of service needed, we’ll give you our address to ship your board to, and you’ll purchase the repair service and select the method for us to ship your board back to you. You can just ship the PCB to us if you don’t want to ship the whole keyboard with case.

Here are some examples of repairs:

Spreadsheet of Some Past Repairs - With info on symptoms/diagnosis/solution

Replacing RGB LEDs:


Fixing burned off switch pads and Mill-Max sockets:


Adding USB-C ports to board:

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10/10 would recommend

Fast and reliable. Quick service and great communication. Would definitely come back!

P/S: That's my pcb right there!