Mill-Max Hotswap Sockets


Mill-Max sockets for adding hotswap support to regular PCBs. Sold in packs of 60 (good for 30 switches).

Info about the different types:

  • 7305-0: Gold-plated sockets (7305-0-15-15-47-27-10-0)
    • Shorter leg that can be more difficult to solder, but has a shorter lip above the PCB that's more flush
  • 0305-2: Tin-plated sockets (0305-2-15-80-47-80-10-0)
    • Easier to solder because of longer leg, but taller lip that pops up above the PCB
  • 3305-1: Gold-plated sockets (3305-1-15-15-47-27-10-0)
    • Best of both worlds! Easier to solder with the longer legs and is more flush with the top of the PCB with a lip than even more shorter than the 7305-0


  • Adding these hotswap sockets to a PCB may require you to use longer standoffs with your case due to increased distance between the switch plate and PCB.
  • Some switches (such as Kailh switches) have compatibility issues with these sockets due to wider switch pins. Please check the Mill-Max Compatibility Table if you are unsure if your switches will work with the sockets.
  • While the sockets fit on Choc switches, most Choc-compatible PCBs have switch pads that are too small for Mill-Max sockets to fit into

Installation Guide: How to Make Your Keyboard Hotswappable with Mill-Max Sockets

Installation Tutorial Video: