MCC Spectrum Choc Keycap Set


Like silk under your fingertips, yet solid like the earth beneath your feet. Create the zen minimalist and clean aesthetic look on your desk with this MCC Spectrum Keyset. This keyset is the best way to complete your low-profile choc keyboard.

These 1u keycaps are shaped with a MoErgo Choc Cylindrical (MCC) profile. They’re compatible with a number of boards: Cepstrum, Choc Iris, and Helidox (Corne) Kit.

This keyset will have 96 labeled keys, 2 blanks, and 2 blank homing keys (to help your index fingers find the place where they can start!). The legends are laser-engraved, so they won't wear away.


  • Opaque Black - Note: Not shine-through
  • Translucent White