Iris Aluminum Case

$309.99 $339.99

Looking for a premium case for the Iris PCB? We've finally designed an aluminum case for the Iris now.

Round 2 Sale Info

A limited number of Black and Pebble Gray cases will be available during Round 2 (January 2023).

The A- Stock issues for this round mainly consist of some horizontal anodization streaks on the bottom portion of the case.

Round 3 Sale Info

Round 3 will have Black, Dary Gray, and Lilac cases. The estimated availability is June 2023.

White will be considered again for Round 4.

The production of other colors like Navy Blue and Green is temporarily on hold until a future round.


  • Aluminum Top and Bottom
  • 5-degree side tilt
  • PCB compatibility: Iris Rev. 5/6/7 PCBs
  • FR4 and Stainless Steel switch plates included (install whatever one you want)
  • Burger O-ring mount

Kit Contents

  • Top and Bottom parts of case
  • Switch plates (FR4 and Stainless Steel)
  • M2 and M3 Screws
  • O-rings for burger mount
  • SKUF silicone feet
  • (New!) Silicone tray inserts
    • Included with Round 2 cases after May 8, 2023, all future rounds (Round 3, 4, etc.) will include them
    • If you previously purchased a case, you can purchase a set of inserts here: Iris Aluminum Silicon Tray Insert
  • Carrying case
  • Note: PCBs are not included - You will need to add one using the dropdown options if you would like one

Info about grading (A/A-/B Stock)

You can read more about our grading of stock here: Iris Aluminum Case Sale Info

Build Guide

Iris Aluminum Case Build Guide

Want to read more about this case? See our post about the development process: Iris Aluminum Case Production