Fourier - 40% Split Staggered Keyboard (Closeout)

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Not into the ortho life, but still want a compact split keyboard? No worries, we got you covered with the Fourier, a 13u wide, 4 row keyboard.

Note: The Fourier has now been discontinued, but the PCB design files are now available on GitHub.

Also available for purchase at:


PCB Kit includes:

  • PCBs for left and right halves
  • 47 1N4148 diodes
  • 2 reset switches
  • 2 TRRS jacks
  • 2 4.7kΩ resistors

Other parts needed not included in kit:

  • MX or Alps compatible switches
  • 2 Arduino Pro Micro
  • TRRS cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • Fourier Case/Plates
  • PCB-mount MX stabilizers

Build Guide: Fourier Build Guide