Cherry MX Desk Mat/Mousepad - (Discontinued)

Cherry MX Desk Mat/Mousepad - (Discontinued)

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Product status: Discontinued - We've decided to discontinue stocking these desk mats and taking special orders.

Show off your love of Cherry MX switches with this awesome 900mm x 400mm desk mat! Getting bored while working at your desk or need to take a break? Then read up on the timeline of CHERRY's history or work on memorizing the dimensions of an MX switch.

  • 900mm wide x 400mm tall
  • Stitched Edges w/Matching Stitching to the background.
  • Soft/Rubber Mousepad
  • High quality Mousepad with Anti-Slip Rubber Bottoms
  • Comes in two thicknesses: 3mm and 4mm

Info about the different colors/variants:

The following variants are 3mm thick:

  • White text on Black
  • Orange text on Black
  • Red text on Black
  • Red text on Black with exploded stem - Comes with canvas case

The following variants are 4mm thick and all come with a black felt case:

  • 1976 - 1976 text on Black
  • Lakers - Purple text on Yellow
  • Tiffany - Black text on Tiffany Blue
  • Light Blue - White text on Light Blue
  • Rainbow - White text on Rainbow
  • Pink - White text on Pink
  • Green - White text on Green

Note that the 4mm thick mats are heavier and shipping may be more expensive for them.


We don't have plans to restock these mats unless there's enough of a demand for them. If you're interested in seeing these restocked, please fill out this interest form.

Alternatively, we do accept special orders for mats. It takes about 10-14 days for us to submit a special order, group multiple orders together for shipping, and receive it. If there's a color not listed that you'd like to special order, please contact us, and we can add it to the list.