Inventory Status Updates

Last Updated: Friday, June 23, 2017

Current Items

  • Nyquist Keyboard
    • PCBs
      • Batches for first and second revision prototype PCBs are sold out
      • 3rd revision (a.k.a. Version 1.1) test PCBs currently in testing, main order to follow soon
    • Case/Plates
      • Case files are available on GitHub: Nyquist Case Design Files
      • Additional case design to be made that supports connecting both halves with magnets
      • Test run of brushed stainless steel plates currently being done with a local metal fabricator, will be available for sale if satisfactory
      • Limited amount of top & bottom 3mm black acrylic plates will be made available
    • Kits
      • Parts for kit due to arrive next week
      • Kit includes:
        • 2 TRRS jacks
        • M2 screws and standoffs, plus extras of each
        • 2 Pro Micros, flashed with default layout for I2C
        • 2 right-angle push buttons for reset switch
        • Resistors for I2C
        • Diodes - Selection of either through-hole or SMD diodes
      • TRRS cable will be sold separately, as there will be 5 different options available

    Recently Added

    Future Items

    • Items that have arrived and will be put on the store soon
      • Long-legged SIP sockets
      • MX Clear stems
    • TRRS cables
    • Kits for Nyquist PCB
      • M2 Screws and standoffs
      • Stainless steel top and bottom plates