Packing Delays and International Shipping Info

Order Fulfillment Delays

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are dealing with staffing issues, which has been delaying the fulfillment of orders. Orders may be delayed for about 2-4 days as a result.

International Shipping Changes

Due to delays with shipping packages internationally with USPS, we have suspended the ability to purchase USPS shipping for all countries except for the U.S. and a few countries. Below is the list of shipping services available:

  • U.S.: USPS & UPS
  • Canada, UK, Australia, Japan: USPS & DHL
  • Rest of the World: DHL

For Canada, UPS was removed due to excessive brokerage fees that customers must pay for.

USPS shipping to international locations has been slower than normal. For example, a number of shipments to Australia have seen delays of about 2 months before being received.