Iris Aluminum Case

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Looking for a premium case for the Iris PCB? We've finally designed an aluminum case for the Iris.

Round 3 Sale Info

Round 3 consists of Black, Dark Gray, Lilac, Navy Blue, and Emerald Green cases.

White will be considered again for Round 4.

  • Aluminum Top and Bottom
  • 5-degree side tilt
  • PCB compatibility: Iris Rev. 5-8 PCBs
  • FR4 and Stainless Steel switch plates included (install whichever one you want)
  • Burger O-ring mount
  • Top and Bottom parts of case
  • Switch plates (FR4 and Stainless Steel)
  • M2 and M3 Screws
  • O-rings for burger mount
  • SKUF silicone feet
  • (New!) Silicone tray inserts (If you previously purchased a case, you can purchase a set of inserts here: Iris Aluminum Silicon Tray Insert)
  • Carrying case
  • Note: PCBs are not included - You will need to add one using the dropdown options if you would like one

Build guide can be found here: Iris Aluminum Case Build Guide

Would rather watch one get built? See the build video here: Iris Aluminum Edition Case Build

Want to read more about this case? See our post about the development process: Iris Aluminum Case Production

Past Releases

Round 2 Sale Info

A limited number of Black and Pebble Gray cases will be available during Round 2 (January 2023).

The A- Stock issues for this round mainly consist of some horizontal anodization streaks on the bottom portion of the case.

Customer Reviews

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The quality and heft of this iris case is insane. With the steel plate each half could be a weapon. They are heavy. But it feels like a tank. Exactly what I was hoping for.. more so even. The price is steep but after getting this I see why and will be buying another. It is well worth the price. Only thing I am not sure of yet is the sound... Due to heavy aluminum and steel switch plate the typing sound and feel is a little different than my previous iris boards. May have to try different switches to see what feels and sounds best.